Is the goal perfection?

We have lived in our home for six years now and every year we gripe about the patio area and the deck that hasn’t been constructed.  This area is used daily and is constantly looking at us from the great french doors at the hub of our house, the dining/kitchen area.  The constant reminder that we have an unfinished project has been sucking energy and has made it hard to enjoy the backyard.


But, this year I decided that I was going to make a change!  Shift the energy and reclaim the space-deck or no deck!!!

I found an inspirational picture….


 A picture that offered the look that I wanted from the  big glass patio door windows and the “feel” that I wanted when I was out in the space.  The intention words that came to me were connection, relaxation, and enjoyment.  Those became the guiding force as I started to redesign.  My goal was not perfection at all, the goal was to shift the energy and help the space to serve our family at “this”point in our life.

I started looking at what we already had- a metal table base, a teak bench out in the yard, lots of hostas that needed to be divided, 4 chairs, and a wooden box.  Then I went to work.  I moved the grill to an area next to the patio and that freed up more wall space.  I made a trip to a great  vintage store in Chaska, Linda’s Cellar, and found some really inexpensive pieces to start pulling things together.  I bought a chair on sale at Target and went to work dividing plants from our gardens to fill planters.  I put my husband to work on a new tabletop made from cedar planks and I spray-painted and reinforced the wicker chairs.

After a little tweaking & a few colorful plants from Ecogardens, I was able to sit down, enjoy a drink & read my book in my revamped patio!  And that night we entertained our neighbors & everyone had a place to sit and somewhere to set down their cup!  The space was fulfilling the exact intention that I had in mind!

 after….IMG_5343DSC_0590IMG_5349IMG_4911IMG_5348What a relief it has been to decrease the negative energy that surrounded that unused patio.

I know that the ultimate goal is to add a beautiful deck, but until that day comes, we can make the best with what we have.

Do you have a space that is giving off negative vibes? Is there a way that you can tweak things to make the energy shift? With each project, try to remember that we are not seeking perfection, but a place that serves your needs,brings you comfort, & offers renewal.