Decluttering your gift wrap saves time!

Gift wrap seems like an area that you might not give a lot of attention to, but it can be a perfect place to practice your decluttering skills, see immediate changes, and create a sense of relief around this time of year.

If you are anything like me, this area can get cluttered & messy very quickly!  I am a firm believer in reusing, so when gift bags enter my house I usually send them down to the basement to be used at a later date.  Unfortunately, when this gets repeated over and over with each gift, my space can begin to overflow with a ton of bags & tissue that probably won’t get used again.  And since I want wrapping to be easy & quick, I am more likely to buy a new bag & tissue when things aren’t organized.

What can you do to manage the overflow of gift wrap?


Step 1.  Gather and sort-  bring all of the wrapping supplies to one area and begin the sort.  Separate the bags, tissue, bows, ribbon, tags, and wrapping paper.  Only keep the items that are in great shape & that you really like (you won’t package a gift in something that you aren’t attracted to, so don’t let it take up space!)

Step 2.  Create boundaries- Pick an area of your home that will store the gift wrap and then find tubs that fit that space.  Pick tubs/containers that will easily fit the variety of gift bags that you choose to keep and be realistic about how much is reasonable to save.  Once that container is full, you are going to have to purge before you can add more.

DSC_0773Step 3.  Notice what you have & what you are missing- Do you have tape and scissor handy?  Are you low on tissue?  Would you like to store tags and cards in this area to keep all gift supplies together?

Step 4.  Label and put back-  Label the containers so it is easy for everyone to find what they need quickly and efficiently.  Store the items in a place that is easily accessible & keeps everything you need in one place.

Step 5.  Recycle or donate-  Gift bags, bows & ribbons that are still in good condition can be donated.  They might not be your style but someone else will be happy to use them.  Tissue & wrapping paper & gift tags are usually recyclable.

DSC_0779                                  DSC_0775

Taking the time to gather & notice what you have, keep only what you like & create boundaries around your gift wrap will make wrapping more efficient & your gift giving more fun!

If you are looking for tips on how simplify and wrap gifts in a more eco-friendly way, check out this post.

I’d love to hear from you!

What do you do to make the gift giving process  a little more simple?

What boundaries have you created around wrapping and storing these supplies?

If you read this and feel too overwhelmed to begin this project without support, be in touch.  Together we can make the process light and easy!