End-of-the-Year School Papers & Artwork Got You Overwhelmed?

Lots of school “stuff” collects & comes in at the end of the school year. Programs from concerts & events, end-of-year assessments, art, the list goes on…

Here’s a tip to try – Pare down the duplicates, scratch papers, & practice pages as soon as you can & then collect the rest in one place. In late August, as you are preparing to start off the next year, take a minute to remember & wrap up the last one.

You can ask your child to find their “best work” & the items that they want to keep because they hold good memories. Then find a way to store these favorites – it may be a in file box with a folder for each year, in a binder, or in an art portfolio.

Offering a little time & space between when the work was created & the decisions, can make the letting go easier.

If you want a more info. on this process, you can check out AUGUST IS A GREAT TIME TO DEAL WITH KID ART, HERE’S WHY!

And I’d love to hear if this tip offers a little relief or if you have a system that works well for you!

Make the seasonal shift & donate the extras

The Tip for your Tuesday is to Donate your EXTRA SWEATERS & COATS

If you have sweaters or coats that have been hiding in the back of your closet for so long that you don’t remember if they fit, if they are still your style, or even how many are stuffed back there, then it is time to take stock  AND THEN DONATE.

Now is the time to make the seasonal switch – Move the spring/summer clothes out of the high-frequency areas & organize the warmer items so that they are front & center for you every day!   Spending a a little time now to sort, organize & donate will not only create greater ease getting dressed each day, but will allow your extra items to be snatched up by someone in need before it gets even colder.

Corral Your Books!

A book lovers Tip for Your TUESDAY!

If your bedside table or the side-table beside your favorite chair is overflowing with books, then it’s time to corral them!  Grab a basket, box, or bin & put all of the books that haven’t gotten any attention in the past 3 months into it!  Leave the books that are REALLY calling to you NOW on the table!  Let yourself off the hook about reading every good book right now (they will still be waiting for you when you are ready) and you will avoid the mess of the book tower falling!


Quick Tidy Tip

Starting to feel overwhelmed by clutter?  Kids leaving things everywhere this summer?

Try this quick Tidy Tip-

  1. Find a basket.
  2. Pick a room or area and pull out all of the things that “don’t belong” or need to “find a new home” & put them in the basket.
  3. Deliver the items in the basket to the right places.  Enlist the help of your kids if the load has gotten too big!  And if something doesn’t have a home, take min. to find a place where it can live or leave it in the basket until you have tidied the space that feels just right.
  4. Too much to handle in one shot?  Set a time each day when you can chip away for 5-10 mins.  Jobs that feel overwhelming or the ones that you’d rather put off can feel easier when done in little chunks.

Keep your daily to-do list SMALL

If our to-do list gets too long, it is easy to overwhelmed.  We find ourselves spending too much time deciding what to do first, spinning in circles racing to get to it all, or ending the day disappointed that we didn’t accomplish as much as we has hoped.  That’s not fun (or productive)!  The tip today is to keep your list short.

It is great to keep a running list of your future to-dos somewhere (written in a journal, using an app like Evernote, on the side of the fridge, etc…), but then make a daily list.  Focus on 3 items that you could accomplish and feel good about for the day!