Keep your daily to-do list SMALL

If our to-do list gets too long, it is easy to overwhelmed.  We find ourselves spending too much time deciding what to do first, spinning in circles racing to get to it all, or ending the day disappointed that we didn’t accomplish as much as we has hoped.  That’s not fun (or productive)!  The tip today is to keep your list short.

It is great to keep a running list of your future to-dos somewhere (written in a journal, using an app like Evernote, on the side of the fridge, etc…), but then make a daily list.  Focus on 3 items that you could accomplish and feel good about for the day!    

Tip for your TUESDAY!

Often Self-love is the answer

Having trouble getting started on a project?  Instead of beating yourself up about it, offer yourself a little more compassion.  Maybe there is some grief hiding in your resistance or maybe you have been pushing yourself too hard in too many areas.  Give yourself some self-love & often the thing you have been struggling with will start to feel lighter and easier.

Tip for your TUESDAY!

Donate Used Vases

Gather all of those vases that are collecting dust in the back of your cabinet, give them a quick rinse, and then drive them down to  your local florist.  Many will gladly take them back.  If they aren’t interested then keep on driving and pass them on at the local donation center.  Let’s get these unused items back into circulation!

TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Find easy ways to enjoy your pics

If you haven’t yet checked out Chatbooks, you might want to take a look.  These little books are inexpensive, easy to make & offer a great solution to getting those pics off your phone & ready to enjoy.