Tip for your TUESDAY!

Donate Used Vases

Gather all of those vases that are collecting dust in the back of your cabinet, give them a quick rinse, and then drive them down to  your local florist.  Many will gladly take them back.  If they aren’t interested then keep on driving and pass them on at the local donation center.  Let’s get these unused items back into circulation!

TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Find easy ways to enjoy your pics

If you haven’t yet checked out Chatbooks, you might want to take a look.  These little books are inexpensive, easy to make & offer a great solution to getting those pics off your phone & ready to enjoy.

TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Keep Track of Your Charger

Wrap the adaptor of your charger with a little washi tape (or duct or masking) and you will have an easier time remembering which charger is yours.

I decided it was time to try out this tip after returning from a family trip to the cabin & wondering whether we had picked up an extra charger or left one behind.  This has happened more than once, so it was time to try something new.  Let’s hope it helps!

Create Some New Energy

Bring some new energy into your space with one small action today.  Small steps can create an opening in your space & the energy of your day.

Try one of these & notice the shift –

Light a candle

Take out the trash or recycling

Wipe out a drawer

Recycle the magazines or articles you saved from last month

Sweep the floor

Clear off your nightstand