In the News!

Last month I was asked to offer some decluttering advice for an article being written for the Post Bulletin’s Haven Magazine.  At first my heart was racing!  What would I say?  What would be asked?  Would I have the answers?

I was in that excited, yet fearful state – probably how you feel when you decide you are ready to reach out and ask for my support – but I was curious enough to push ahead ahead & take the opportunity.   I took some deep breaths &  worked to silence those doubt-filled voices as the interview started.

I relaxed as I remembered the hours spent decluttering my own stuff, as well as, all of the books, classes, and advice that I have taken in these past 4 years.  And I listened to the phrase that I have continued to share with you all about there being “no right way,” because I know that the desire to do it “right” can keep us small and stuck.

It was a great conversation and when it was all said and done I came away feeling anxious to see how this article might find it’s way out in the world.  I know there are lots of articles offering advice, tips, and short-cuts, and you may have already read something similar to this piece- that is just great!  But I also know that the decluttering journey is unique for each of us, so even if you have heard something similar before, you might not have been ready to take it in.

My hope is that wherever you are on your decluttering journey that you take it one step at a time, finding the “right” tips at the just the right time, pushing past those moments of fear to take your next step in the process.

Here’s the article!  Happy reading!

How to declutter and keep it that way


Why the dragonfly?

Why the dragonfly?

A few years ago, actually quite a few years now, I took a trip to Guatemala.  It was a life-changing experience.  It was a time of adventure & renewal.  A time to learn & expand.

And while I was there a dragonfly perched on my shoulder for quite a while without my knowledge.  I was told, “you have been blessed by the dragonfly.”

When I returned home, I felt changed by all that I had experienced on my trip and began a journey to embrace my strengths, seek clarity, and try new things.  I started noticing dragonflies in my path more often, and almost always when I was in out in nature, taking time for reflection.

I now use the dragonfly as a symbol of change, self-realization, making the most of my time, poise, & strength.

I didn’t go looking for a symbol to represent myself, but it seems the dragonfly found me.

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A Letter Full of Gratitude

This week I have been thinking about how fortunate I am to be working in this field!

I feel so blessed to be of service at a time when my clients are embracing courage & clarity.  And the changes that happen as we work together are so exciting & rewarding!

There is nothing better than to receive feedback after a visit that exudes an energy of confidence, spunk, and momentum!  I can feel the relief through the phone, computer, or see it on the person’s face.

What a joy it is for me to be a part of any transformation.  Any small shift that makes life easier, makes life more enjoyable, makes it ok to let go, or offers a client a chance to believe more fully in themselves and what they desire!

I am eternally grateful to be let in on this small piece of transformation that my clients are feeling. It is contagious and inspires me to continue to seek hope & and growth in myself.

Thank you!

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