The answers to some of my most Frequently Asked Questions

To ease your doubts, concerns or reservations about opening the door to the process!

I get overwhelmed thinking about what to do with all of the stuff I don’t want.  Do you offer resources & suggestions on where to take my things?

Yes.  I have a long list of donation sites that I can share with you & lots of experience finding homes for the things you no longer want in your space.  As we sort your clutter we are creating piles and filling boxes & bags that you can easily donate.  At the end of the session I help you get those items into your car and ready to be passed on.

Do you take all of the “stuff” I no longer want away?

Yes, I can.  I offer an optional service that you can request if you’d like me to take your bags & boxes out of the space at the end of the session.  I do my best to donate things locally whenever possible & have many resources that allow me to find good homes for your items & avoid the landfill.  This service is an additional fee.

how does this work?  do you actually sit with me & sort my stuff?

Yes.  I offer a variety of ways to deliver my services, but my most popular package involves us doing the work together.  I plan & guide the process as we work together to dig in and efficiently clear the clutter & redesign the space to fit your needs.

I need someone to get me started or give me a plan, but I think I can do it on my own.  Is that possible?

Yes.  I offer Clarity Sessions for people that want a fresh pair of eyes to offer inspiration & motivation on a project that you want to start or need advice on finishing.  This session is one hour and I leave you with a plan to get you moving forward.

Do you suggest containers & organizing supplies that will work for my space?

Yes.  We can use Pinterest & Houzz to gather ideas around the style & look that you are interested in and I can bring along a stash of versatile organizing containers that we can try in your space (these are available for purchase).  I am also willing to shop for the right pieces for your space.

Do you charge by the hour or the project?

Together we uncover your goals & determine the amount of time that will be involved to reach them.  Then we create a package that works for your project.  If your project is unique, I do have an hourly rate that we can discuss.

Should I do anything before you come for a consultation?

No!  Not at all.  I want to see how things function for you on a day-to-day basis.  I want to talk about the things that work & the things that keep tripping you up.  I have seen it all & won’t be surprised by anything, so I give you permission to let me see what the space really looks like.