Ready for your spaces to feel lighter and function with greater ease?

Let’s find the type of service that fits your needs!

One-on-One Sessions

We start with a FREE 30 minute phone consultation to discuss your goals, budget, and time commitment & create a plan to move forward!

  • Many projects involve both clearing out & then redesigning for efficiency & ease.  
  • Typical sessions are 3 hours.

Virtual Sessions 

I am willing to travel, but I also offer Virtual Services.  This is a great option if it feels hard to schedule larger chunks of work time or you are not interested in having someone come into your home.

Typical sessions involve 45 mins. together plus your commitment to continue with the project for another hour!  We use Zoom or Facetime + email & text to make amazing changes happen!  The progress adds up & you gain confidence in your skills to make things happen! 

Let’s get started!