TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Have trouble starting new habits? Try starting SMALL!

Often when you decide to implement a new habit or routine, you start out with a lot of gusto.  Your make lofty goals & begin with lots of energy.  Then things start to get in the way.  Slowly the energy starts to wear off & you find yourself slipping or giving up.  Even with the best of intentions, it is hard to form new habits.  So instead of repeating that same old pattern, try a new tactic and start out small.

Identify the little pieces (the mini-routines) that are a part of your overall goal & start with one.  Ask yourself, “what is the smallest step I could take that would get me started on my new routine?”  This mini-habit should require hardly any energy or willpower.  Build confidence & practice with your mini-habit & once it is established, then you can add on (another tiny piece of the larger goal).  Watch yourself establish new habits with a lot less frustration, backsliding & energy expended.

For more info. on habit formation check out Dr. Christine Carter’s book, The Sweet Spot:  How to find your groove at home and work.  Or contact me below & together we can break down your goal & make a plan to get you there.

Indoor weeding is actually a thing!

A couple of weeks ago, we came back from a wkend up north to find that Spring had sprung!   Our grass was ready to be mowed & the weeds were running wild.  You see, we have a yard that’s slowly being eaten up by Creeping Charlie & if you don’t know what I am talking about, let me just assure you that this weed is aggressive!  It takes over.  It creeps or swallows up any space it can find as it creates a blanket of winding vines, green leaves & tiny purple flowers. 

Some people find ways to appreciate it, noting it’s little flowers & it’s fresh, pungent smell.  But I’m not quite there, since it’s not only surrounding & suffocating the grass, but it’s working hard to overrun the flowers & plants that bring me such joy.

It was time to put on my gardening gloves & assess the damage.  And of course, I started thinking about decluttering as I noted all the places that were being taken over.

Are you starting to count all the nature metaphors I make on the blog?  Bear with me please ‘cause mother nature is my favorite teacher!

Creeping Charlie acts just like that steady stream of STUFF that wants to keep being let in the door.  You might not realize how it’s taking over your spaces since the creep is slow & steady. But that slow, steady stream of accumulating can create some big issues!  Spaces being taken over- sometimes completely overrun & unusable.  The enjoyment & ease of your space suffocated by the chaos of too much stuff. 

Weeding is the solution.  It’s the way to keep clutter from collecting & causing trouble.  It’s a habit that requires adding a little attention as you move around your spaces & a little discernment as you bring things into your space.  And you can weed anytime.  Taking out the things that no longer serve you & letting the light into that space.

Back in the garden, I love the satisfaction of pulling those vines & watching the space reappear.  Ahh…

My flower beds are manageable if I stay vigilant &  weed as needed, but two hands & a garden tool probably won’t be enough to take back the large expanses of grass that have been eaten up.  I don’t think I will be able to win that battle without the support of a lawn service or heavy pruning to let in more sunlight, but there in lies another lesson – thanks Mother Nature, you always find ways to keep me moving forward.

Your Turn…

If you feel like your spaces are being overrun and you haven’t given them attention, then it’s time to take stock.  Open cupboards & cabinets, closets & drawers.  Take a look at what you are surrounding yourself with. 

Dig into the spaces & notice all that has been accumulated.  Note exactly what has been clogging things up so you can take action against the “weeds” that found their way into your space. 

Next Steps…

And then weed out the stuff that doesn’t serve you.  And then weed again.  And then once again.

Make a habit of weeding your space often.  Stay aware of the creep.  Be watching for areas of collection & congestion.  Keep the creep at bay.

Here’s a tip that might support your new habit. 

Some jobs are easier to tackle with a partner who can guide the decisions around what to weed & what to keep.  If you are ready for support & guidance to make this process more efficient, light & fun, schedule today!

TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Don’t Forget to Weed

Make time often to take a quick peek around your spaces & notice the stuff that is creeping in and taking over.  Weed out the things that you no longer use, need or want.

To start a new habit around weeding, designating a space where you can keep a box or bag that is ready to collect the items that you weed out.  It will be ready to donate once it is full.

TiP for Your TUESDAY!

make your bed (1)

Make your Bed!

There is a ton of amazing research on how to create new habits & keep resolutions, but one simple tip that can create positive shifts, is to make your bed!   Making your bed is a key-stone habit, which means that when you take a moment & smooth out the covers, you trigger a chain-reaction that makes it easier for other good habits to stick.  Charles Duhig, the author of the book The Power of Habit, sites that  “making your bed every morning is correlated with better productivity, a greater sense of well-being, and stronger skills at sticking with a budget.”  WOW!

 Now, I’m no expert at making a bed- I just pull the covers up, add a couple pillows & say it’s good, but if this “small win” shifts the likelihood that other good habits will stick, then I’ll take a minute to start the day off this way.

TiP for Your TUESDAY!

what gets in the way of usual routines

A tree & a dog getting in the way of my usual morning routine.

Do the Best you Can

This is the time when a million things that can get in the way of sticking to your usual routines.  In these days (weeks?!?!) of flux, do the best you can for now, and have confidence that you will be back-on-track soon.

For now, shorten your routine, do just one part, or take a minute to visual what you would normally be doing (this actually helps!), and before long you will be back in the groove,-tackling the mail, clearing your counters, or finding time for your morning routine.  You can do it!