Tip for your TUESDAY!

Donate Used Vases

Gather all of those vases that are collecting dust in the back of your cabinet, give them a quick rinse, and then drive them down to  your local florist.  Many will gladly take them back.  If they aren’t interested then keep on driving and pass them on at the local donation center.  Let’s get these unused items back into circulation!

How to Curate a Tub of all that Wedding “Stuff”

Finding a way to pare down and store memorabilia isn’t always easy.  It can feel daunting to sift through a tub or box of papers, tickets, cards, invitations, and all sorts of what-nots that you have been storing for years.  And there can be some embarrassment or shame over the fact that you kept some of the stuff in the first place!

I mean, why was I storing 17 year-old faded receipts from the cake decorator!??!?!  Ugh!

But… I have been determined to fight the shame & embarrassment and resolved to keep chipping away at the tubs taking up too much space in our storage area.   Along the way I have been doing a little research and conducting my own experiments to find out how we can all let go with a little more ease.

Here’s a recap of my sessions with a tub of “stuff” that we had been storing from our wedding and a product called the Wedding Edition Keepsake Box from Savor.

I decided to buy this product from Savor after thinking about the amount of space that I wanted this category of stuff to take up in our home.  Savor’s box with the folders & the little pull-out drawers felt like it would offer enough options to store a variety of different items and I liked the ease of having everything ready for me when I sat down to work on the project.

Disclaimer:  You do not need to buy a fancy product to get organized.  There are a million ways to store your things with items you already have in your house (shoeboxes, file folders, binders, paperclips, ziploc bags, etc.).  I chose this product because I wanted to conduct a little experiment to find out if a tool like this can make the organizing process easier.

I pulled the tub down from the shelf & began my first sort.  This meant I was only looking for things that I knew were a definite “NO.”  So I was making a “TO KEEP” & a “NOT TO KEEP” pile.  Remember this was my first sort.  I wasn’t trying to organize.  It was all about decluttering.  Making decisions & letting go of the extras.

I had some good laughs as I pulled out a big white wedding binder with color-coded folders that held all of the pamphlets, brochures & magazine pages that we had compiled during the dreaming & planning phase.  It was fun to remember all of the time spent in the planning phase, but it was easy to let go of most of the stuff in the binder because it didn’t hold specific memories- other than how excited & geeked-out we were about planning our “big day!”


After that first sort, I took out the recycling & trash that I had created & put the “TO KEEP” stuff back in the bin until I could carve out time for the next step.

The funny thing about sentimental things is that we often need a little time/distance from the event or the memory to allow the decisions to come easier.  Time can create some perspective about what really feels important & what doesn’t speak to your heart any more.  So, it really doesn’t surprise me that 17 years had to pass before I felt I could let go with more ease.

When I dug in again, I gave myself a bigger chunk of time and some room to spread out.  This time I was thinking about the story that I wanted to tell with the things that I planned to save.  It was like going on a treasure hunt.  Finding the best items to tell our story.

"What story will these items tell about our wedding & our marriage?"

I let go of receipts & blurred photos.  I pulled out a few pages from a barely-used wedding planner and let go of the rest.  I let go of any duplicates & all of those chicken-scratched notes of to-dos.

And then it was time to start organizing what was left.  I started dividing things into categories: engagement, wedding showers, ceremony, reception…

Savor helped me out with this by providing pre-labeled stickers & folders that I could slide everything into.  I made a few categories of my own using their blank labels.

The items that didn’t fit into folders found homes in the little storage boxes & those were offered a few labels too.

The whole process involved some time & diligence, but I was able to pare down from a huge plastic tub into an attractive box that can fit on a bookshelf & could be looked at on our anniversary or any time we want to take a trip back in time.

This project had been waiting patiently for 17 years to get some attention and I’m so glad it did.   Pulling out the tub offered a chance for my husband and I to reminisce about that very special time in our life.  And I think the items that we saved can now tell their own story of how we wanted to start our marriage.

Your Turn…

When I offer a talk on this subject, I remind people that it will probably take a few sorts before you really get down to the amount that you really want to keep.  That means starting out with the expectation that you will do a first sort, or first pass, to pull out the “junk” or items that you had forgotten were being stored & feel no emotional pull toward.  Then you can come back and do another sort with the items that are left.  At this point you can be more discerning as you ask yourself questions about whether this item still offers a good memory and tells a story you’d like to remember or share.

If you are interested in more of Savor’s products you can find them here.

And I’d love to hear your thoughts on sentimental projects.  Have you recently tackled a project that involved sifting & sorting to curate your special memories?  Or are you hoping to get started on a project, but don’t know how or where to begin?  Tell me about it!



TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Find easy ways to enjoy your pics

If you haven’t yet checked out Chatbooks, you might want to take a look.  These little books are inexpensive, easy to make & offer a great solution to getting those pics off your phone & ready to enjoy.

How Bullet Journaling is Offering a Lesson in Letting Go

It’s a new year which means that many of us have changed out our calendar or purchased a new planner to keep us organized.  And I am a big proponent of finding (& using) the organizing solution that really fits your personality, so I’m pretty sure there is no one-size-fits-all tool.  But, I also know there are alot of people out there fumbling with apps & planners & sticky notes & multiple calendars, feeling frustrated as they work to get a handle on their tasks, lists & dreams.  So, after getting a tutorial on the Bullet Journal, I thought it would be fun to share what I am learning about this tool & the process.

You see, I had resisted figuring out what Bullet Journaling really involved because I thought it might feed into my perfectionist tendencies… and because I already use Google calendar, a paper planner, a journal & a notebook.  I was pretty sure I didn’t need to introduce one more thing, but friends were raving about this method, so I sat in on the intro. to bullet journaling event offered at Content Bookstore last night. 

The talk was led by Cynthia Gilbertson, whose love of this tool and description of all of the great shifts that it has created in her life was so inspiring, that I found myself heading home with a new journal, a little pen-holding accessory, & some cute little tabs.

I let it all sink in overnight & then took the plunge today.  I pulled out some pens and started to fill in the blank journal.

I will admit that I ended up ripping out the very first entry that I made and then starting over, but I’m giving myself a pass on that one.  It’s not easy for a perfectionist to give up that desire to “do it right.”

What I am finding is that this process is actually very intentional, just as Cynthia said it would be.  And for me, it involves a ton of letting go– which is a recurring theme in my life.

Here are all the ways I was letting go as I started to fill in the first pages.

  • how messy or neat my handwriting is going to be 
  • that I’m not going to be able to erase!
  • that the themes of the pages need to go in order or be grouped together- they don’t!
  • that I might run out of space for notes on a topic if I start a new idea on the next page
  • that it has to be set up “right” from the very beginning
  • that I need to know all the tricks & gather fancy pens & stickers in order to start
  • that spending time on this is taking away time from something more critical
  • that someone else is using it more efficiently, more creatively, more intelligently than I am 

Cynthia said that there is a “right way” to Bullet Journal, but the right way is to make it work for YOU

That idea was just what I needed to hear as it fits one of my commitments to myself this year – Listening to what feels “right for me” and allowing it to find it’s way.

I have always been a journaler.  I love to write lists, collect quotes, jot down words of gratitude, and keep notes on lots of things, so it doesn’t feel like a big jump to try a Bullet Journal.  What I’m noticing though, is a little sense of freedom in having only one dedicated place to store all these writings & I’m pretty sure the process will have me considering how much I really need to collect. 

Intention & focus seem to be circling this new book.

Cynthia said that the process allows her to be more mindful & focused each day.  I can see how that can happen as you spend time creating your daily log & reflecting on the tasks that were completed and the ones that need to be migrated or reevaluated. 

I’m also feeling a sense of relief & excitement that the weight of my work bag could lighten up as I set aside some of my other journals & notebooks and allow the Bullet Journal to carry the load. 

I’m willing to see what happens.  Willing to watch this Bullet Journaling process unfold.  And I’m letting go of the need to make big any judgments until I have really had time to see how this tool enhances or complicates my life. 

More letting go… it seems the bullet journal is already doing it’s job.

Your Turn…

How do you stay productive & organized each day?  Do you reach for paper or are you a digital fan?  Are you ready to try something new?

No matter the tool you use, keep this thought by Greg Mckeown in mind, “If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will.”  Setting aside time to get clear on the tasks & events that line up with what is really important to you will allow your day to run with more ease & fulfillment.   I hope whatever tool you use, it offers you a chance to create that.

If you have never heard of Bullet Journaling, check out this quick video.  And I’d love to hear more about the system that works for you!  Submit a comment in the box below & I’ll get your message in my inbox.