Tip for Your TUESDAY!

Keep Your Important Things Safe

The tip today is to think about where and how you are storing your important things.  Take a min. to ask yourself where you keep the things that you don’t want to lose in a fire, flood, or other unforeseen event.  And then set a date or a reminder on your calendar to take action and keep them safe.  Buy a safe or invest in a safe deposit box.  Back-up your files & photos.  Rest easier.

Why the dragonfly?

Why the dragonfly?

A few years ago, actually quite a few years now, I took a trip to Guatemala.  It was a life-changing experience.  It was a time of adventure & renewal.  A time to learn & expand.

And while I was there a dragonfly perched on my shoulder for quite a while without my knowledge.  I was told, “you have been blessed by the dragonfly.”

When I returned home, I felt changed by all that I had experienced on my trip and began a journey to embrace my strengths, seek clarity, and try new things.  I started noticing dragonflies in my path more often, and almost always when I was in out in nature, taking time for reflection.

I now use the dragonfly as a symbol of change, self-realization, making the most of my time, poise, & strength.

I didn’t go looking for a symbol to represent myself, but it seems the dragonfly found me.

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Why I Chose to Dig into Clutter

I believe that living with too much stuff is overwhelming!

Stuff gets in the way of feeling creative, inspired, peaceful, and in-tune with yourself and the world around you. Clutter builds and builds and you can become stuck trying to find a way to manage and store it all. You tidy and sort and then do it again; moving it around, trying to feel better about it.

I believe that if you pare down and think about what really matters to you, you can create spaces that feels light and easy. Your space will reflect your beliefs and how you want to present yourself to the world.

Once the clutter is clear, things will begin to shift in your world. You will have created room for new opportunities & the heaviness that surrounded all of that stuff will be gone.

I believe that it is really helpful to have a partner as you begin this process.

A partner who only wants the best for you and is ready to be of service.

A partner to help you gain clarity around what you are really looking for in your space and life.

A partner that can help you look at things with new eyes and see the possibilities that are hiding in your space.

A partner to keep things light and keep you going.

I would love to offer myself as that partner. I want to help you breathe life back into the openings of your heart and home.

Are you ready?  Let’s make the changes that you have been longing for happen NOW!


TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Offer Yourself A Restart

Ready to offer yourself a restart on something you gave up for the summer?  Have a project you want to get back to?   A routine you really liked that got thrown off-course?  Sept. can be a great month to reflect on what you want & refresh your intentions.

Light a candle, take a deep breath & then hit the restart button!