Corral Your Books!

A book lovers Tip for Your TUESDAY!

If your bedside table or the side-table beside your favorite chair is overflowing with books, then it’s time to corral them!  Grab a basket, box, or bin & put all of the books that haven’t gotten any attention in the past 3 months into it!  Leave the books that are REALLY calling to you NOW on the table!  Let yourself off the hook about reading every good book right now (they will still be waiting for you when you are ready) and you will avoid the mess of the book tower falling!


How little projects can add up to BIG relief!

Last month, I found myself tackling lots of little clutter clearing projects.  And I have to say it felt good to complete lots of little projects that didn’t take a lot of time & energy but together added up to relief.  

First I cleared out the file box that lives under our main floor desk.  Out went the old school papers from last year, the summer community ed. brochure & other summer activity papers.  

The next week, I sorted & cleared the lightbulb collection that had been hidden in a cabinet & was the source of grumbling for years!  (Check out my instagram to hear about that project.)

These lightbulbs had been driving me crazy for years!

Then I cleaned & cleared out the washtub & extra laundry supplies that were waiting to be recycled.  And after that it was on to the mini fridge in the garage.

These projects were not that important or urgent.  They had been hanging around waiting for attention for quite a while.  But September offered the energy of fresh starts/restarts and I took advantage of it.

I might actually have been “procrasticlearing,”  This is a term that Gretchen Rubin describes on the Happier Podcast #175 (you can read or listen here).  It happens when you use clutter clearing as a way to postpone work.  And lots of people do it! 

If you ever find yourself rearranging your desk or testing pens instead of working, then you may be procrasticlearing.  The key is to recognize if you are using this project to avoid doing the actual work that needs attention or if this is something that you have been meaning to do for a while & will lead to better work & more efficiency? 

Gretchen says to ask yourself if this is  “useful preparation or unhelpful procrastination?”  

Looking back, I think I was doing a combination of both.  At times I avoided or delayed work when I dug into the project & other times, it felt purposeful & led to a clear head & greater focus when I moved on to the next thing.  Either way, those little projects created relief in areas of the house that normally were passed by.  And it felt good to prep spaces before the big shift to indoor living.


I’d love to know if you ever find yourself “procrasticlearing” or if this concept seems totally foreign to you.  Comment below & it will go right into my inbox.


If you have longed to clear clutter & feel this relief but don’t know how to start then here’s one idea:

  1. Grab a piece of paper
  2. Enter one space in your room
  3. List all of the things that have been bugging you
  4. Pick one project on the list & break it down into some bite-sized chunks.
  5. Set a timer and work at that small chunk for 30 mins.
  6. The next time you feel the urge to clear, check your list & chip away at another small chunk.

Give it a try.  If you get the urge, go with it!  You might be surprised how much you can get done in a short time & how good you feel after.

The Problem with Hanging On Too Long

It feels like we have been in a pattern of extreme weather in our area & in my house every storm causes a small sense of panic as we all cross our fingers and hope it passes quickly.   You see we have struggled to keep our basement dry when heavy rain hits.  And the possibility of dealing with a wet basement has been a big reminder that there is no time like the present to make sure we aren’t storing extra stuff.  

Here’s a recap of a storm that really put things in perspective for us. 

The rain was  coming down in sheets, as it had been all afternoon.  And since our house is surrounded by large trees, we need to be mindful of our gutters filling up from tree debris- buds, leaves, helicopters- all that stuff!

Well, life had been a little too full to find time to clean out the gutters.  So…  heavy rain + a full gutter = water in our laundry/storage room.  We discovered the puddle/stream before it had too much time to do any major damage, but it still made a mess because our laundry/storage room is the space where items wait to be moved on or dealt with.  That evening when the rain started seeping up from the floor, a mattress & bed-frame that were waiting to be passed on to someone else (either donated or sold) got soaked!  Ugh!!!  

It was so frustrating and sad.  But it was a reminder that when we allow things to sit and wait, they aren’t able to do their jobs.  They are often forgotten & neglected and that’s when things can start to happen.  Mold can grow.  Papers can deteriorate.  Dust can settle.  Water can stain.

Our perfectly good items ended up at The Recycling Center instead of getting put to use in someone else’s home.  I know it could have been worse, but it still created a mess.  And I have found that when you are storing lots of extra clutter in your space, then a little mess can quickly turn into a big one. 

Paying attention to the things that you store will ensure that they won’t deteriorate or collect dust or mold.

Your Turn…

Do you have items waiting in your storage room, garage or closet that need to get out of your house?  Don’t wait!  Find a way to pass them on.

  • Check out my list of local donation resources HERE
  • Borrow your neighbor’s truck or trailer and drive them to the nearest donation center
  • Put them on the curb (on a sunny day) with a FREE sign
  • Take a picture and put them on FB or Craigslist for someone else to discover
  • Circulate a flyer or send an email to friends/co-workers listing your items

Next steps…

Still unsure of how to start?  Contact me today and together we can find homes for the items you no longer want, use, or need.



Ready to Declutter Your Kitchen Drawers? Let’s Pass On Your Duplicates!

Are your kitchen drawers full of gadgets that you never use?

Are you are ready to let go of your kitchen duplicates, the tools you never reach for, or those kitchen towels that someone gave you but just aren’t your style?  Then this is the perfect time!!!

As a member of NAPO-MN (The National Association for Productivity & Organizing Professionals), I am participating in a Kitchen Pack DriveBetween now and December 9, I will be collecting new or gently-used kitchen items that will be made into kitchen packs and donated to Bridging. 

Bridging is a non-profit organization that provides donated furniture and household goods to families and individuals transitioning out of homelessness and poverty.  I have been volunteering there since April and I have to say that they are doing really great work!  It is so rewarding to be a part of an organization that has found a way to collect & then pass on donated goods in a way that is so purposeful & powerful.  They not only offer new life to items that might otherwise head to the landfill, they provide hope and relief to people in transition.  Read more here.

Your Turn…

  • Check your house for the items listed below or purchase a few new items.
  • Send me a message when you are ready for me to come & collect your items OR put them in a bag & drop them at my doorstep (there will be a bin at the front door).

Remember that these items should be new or gently-used.  

Thanks for helping to share the abundance!

Is your kitchen overwhelming & you have been longing for a partner to Help get everything in order?
schedule an appointment & together we will calm the chaos!



Looking for a sense of relief?

Yesterday I was on an intake call with a potential client.  She was describing her projects and we were talking through her goals.  As the call wrapped up, she said, “I feel better already.” 

It seems like a simple phrase, but I know to pay attention when I hear these words because I can sense a shift happening and I am flooded with gratitude!  Gratitude because I can feel the relief through the phone.  The relief of giving voice to a burden that has been a source of struggle.  And the relief that someone will be a partner and take the lead on making a plan.   

And it isn’t just relief, I can also hear hope. 

We all have dreams and visions of how we want life to go, and when those dreams seem like they have been taken off-course, then it can feel daunting to find the path back without support.  And while it takes courage to ask for what you need, the reward is that sense of relief.  You have opened the door for some light to shine in.  You have started to set your course in a new direction, even if it is ever so slight.  Things feel hopeful!

Mark Nepo, author of The Book of Awakening, wisely says, “it helps to share our journey with others, because in doing so we become a chorus of voices, and the stress of going solo lessens once we discover that we are not alone.”

So if you are longing for support, but are embarrassed, intimidated, or still unsure of how to ask for help, then try one of these ideas.

Write about it.  Journal about the things that are keeping you stuck.  Getting it out, even if it’s on paper, can decrease the heaviness.

Offer yourself some self-compassion.  Notice when you are judging yourself harshly and instead offer yourself the same warmth & compassion that you would share with a friend.  Recognize all the things that do come easily to you, embrace your unique talents, and remind yourself that we all have different gifts.

Take a baby step.  Start by asking for help with something small so that you can ease into the experience of sharing your burdens.

Lift someone else’s burden.  Watch for an opportunity to offer your time or talent and notice the benefits of working with a partner or team.  Then remind yourself of those things when you find yourself questioning if you should/can ask for help on your own projects.Let’s ask for what we need, support each other, and embrace all the possibilities that are open and available on this journey!  Relief and hope are waiting.

If you have a project or area in your home that keeps tripping you up &  you wish you could get a fresh perspective or a partner to help you tackle it, then be in touch!  Let’s lighten things up together!