TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Set Up a Wrapping Station

The season of gift giving is upon us!  And often that means time spent wrapping presents.  To make the process as pain-free as possible, set up a wrapping station with all the tools that you need.  A shoe box filled with tape, scissors, tags, pens & ribbons placed next to your holiday wrapping paper or gift bags can do the trick.

Having everything prepped & ready will cut down on the time you spend hunting for the tape when you finally sit down to wrap!

Read Decluttering Your Gift Wrap Saves Time if you need more tips to get yourself set up!

TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Let Go of Photo Clutter

Before you pick up your phone or camera to start snapping more photos this holiday season, make some time to clear the photo clutter that you have collected.  Start deleting all of those unnecessary duplicates, blurry images, screenshots, photos of your grocery list, and the shots your child took out the window on your last road trip.

Not sure when you could find time to do this?  Do you have a long car ride in the near future or time between games at your child’s sports tourney?  How about  in the waiting room at the doctor or orthodontist office?  Little spurts of time, dedicated to deleting, will leave your devices feeling less cluttered & your photo collection more manageable when are ready to print or use the images!  Ahh… relief!


TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Keep It Simple This Holiday

Are you already getting stressed about wish lists, sales, & coming up with enough presents to fill the space under the tree?  This holiday season, give yourself permission to keep it simple.

Here are two tips to simplify the experience of shopping & gift giving. 1.  Offer your loved ones gifts of experiences instead of physical items.  2.  Limit the amount you need to purchase by using this rhyme  – buy something they WANT, something they NEED, something to WEAR, something to READ”

TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Look for Opportunities to Borrow vs. Buy

The holidays can bring lots of opportunities to make some big purchases that might only be used once.  This season, be open to borrowing instead of buying and you won’t have to create space to store an item that would rarely be used.  Your neighbor or someone in your family probably has a large roasting pan, a gravy boat or a long white table that’s just waiting to be put into service.  Don’t be afraid to ask!

TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Share Your Abundance with Your Community

The tip today is to start watching for opportunities in your community to pass along the items that you no longer need.   As soon as you start looking, you will be surprised by how many organizations are ready & willing to take & share your donations.

Feel good as you allow the circle of generosity & abundance to flow in your community.

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