Before & After, but what actually happens In Between?

If you have been dying to know:

What really happens to make those great transformations?
What Does a Space & Lifestyle Consultant do?
How does it really work???

this is the post for you!  Today I am giving you the inside look at what really happens when you hire me, a Space & Lifestyle Consultant, to come and help you with your space.   I’ll give you a glimpse into the process involved with declutter & redesign, so that when you feel stuck & can’t make any headway with the clutter & congestion that has taken over your home, you know who to call!

Here Goes!

I’m going to walk you through a session with a family that needed support clearing their porch, which had become a “catch-all” for clutter.


This session took three hours & started off with us evaluating the space & crafting an intention that would guide our work for that day.   I almost always start by asking questions that get to the heart of what is truly great about the space and what doesn’t or isn’t working.  I get my clients to start dreaming and ask questions that uncover what the space would ideally look, feel, and function like in that dream world.  From that conversation, we come up with guiding words that help us make decisions about what stays and what has to go.  These words create the intention for our work together.


In this case, the family wanted to create a smooth transition place to and from the interior of their home, as well as a functional, yet peaceful, space for eating, entertaining, and sitting when the weather is warm.

Once we are clear on how we want the space to feel and function, we can start taking out what doesn’t belong.  We get out the sorting bins and begin to sift through the items to remove the things that no longer need a home in the space and that are preventing us from moving toward our intention.


The sort takes some time & often I am collecting and sorting right along with the client.  I wear many hats during this stage; time keeper, facilitator, and accountability manager.  I cue into sighs, lulls, and signs of relief as we let go of the hard stuff and keep the items that reflect the lifestyle and space that the client is longing for.  I ask questions & direct attention so that we move ahead with positive energy.

After the sort, we clear everything out, give things a quick clean, and begin the redesign phase.


We rearrange any furniture, contain & put things back in their new homes, and talk about anything that we might want to bring into the space to continue the transformation.   At this point, the space feels light & ready to serve it’s new function.



Each session is unique.  Sometimes we are able to get most of our goals accomplished in one session and other times it takes many sessions.  Often times, clients feel energized and ready to tackle pieces of the project on their own, so they take time outside of our appointments to work on things that move us further along in the process of reclaiming their space.

It is exciting work!  Work that opens up space & creates clarity around the “stuff” that you want to surround yourself with everyday.  And it is an honor to be able to support clients as they take back their spaces & feel renewed in their homes!

Your Turn…

What’s holding you back from reaching out when you need support?  Are you in the midst of a life transition and overwhelmed?  Do you need a partner to keep you moving ahead or get you started on a project that seems too big to tackle alone?  Do you work better with accountability and guidance?

Next Steps…

The process can be light and a whole lot easier when you ask for what you need.

Reach out & together we can make great things happen.